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Get Out.

Get OUT!


Listen to me very carefully- Amway in theory is wonderful, and it can do a lot of good for a lot of people.


In theory, there is nothing wrong with "The Plan", and it all seems to be fine.

However, in PRACTICE, it doesn;t work out AT ALL- and why?


Don't think so?:

I was in AMWAY/QUIXTAR and it was great for a while- I was happy, excited, and looking towards the furture with this fantastic optimism.

In fact, I credit Amway/Quixtar with getting me on the path to personal development, and learning about business. When I graduated from college, I wanted NOTHING to do with business, and I thought I had found some sort of "unbusiness" where I could make a ton of money, but not do all the "business" stuff.

I was wrong.

But- that's ok, because I am now THRILLED to learn about business and money and all of that. I had the wrong idea of what business meant, and what money actually is, and Amway/Quixtar helped to straighten me out about that.

However, it also made me a CULT ROBOT, and I slowly lost my identity. I could feel it happening, but I just figured that I was "growing" and frankly, I didn't care, because I wanted to be RICH!!

All of the "group" that I was in was broke- we were all keeping secrets to each other in order to not "pass negative", and none of us had the guts to say "This doesn;t work". We were all BRAINWASHED into believing that the business was fine- it was US who had the problems.

However, with SO many people NOT doing well, and even the loyal soldiers being broke and miserable- THE BUSINESS IS NO GOOD.

There is a lot of info online about Amway/Quixtar, some good, some bad.

There's no doubt about it being one of the trailblazers in the MLM world, and IN THEORY, I think ti would be great.

It just doesn't work that way.

And- it will take your life away from you.

The friends I made in there were all wonderful, smart, intelligent, motivated people- really the best group of people I've been around, but we all fell for the same con. Many of them are still in "the business", and when I see them, you can see the deception they are hiding from themselves.

Like anything else, the individual will make the difference. Do I think you can make money in Amway?

Yes. But it's not worth it.

Quixtar was created so that they could "rename" AMWAY and get a clean slate. The problem is, that the same organizations who control it stay in control.

In the end, I have to recommend that people stay FAR AWAY from Amway/Quixtar, and dissuade any friends from joining.

About The Author
John is a mysterious, wacky guy who tries to help others to financial freedom through a little bit of humor and hard talk. He's no-nonsense, and believes in personal responsibility. With the Mobile E-Cash system, he's helped people get started in an online business, and get on the path to financial freedom. It's not what you make- it's what you keep! You CAN do it! To Your Success