and I'm NOT talking about PORN!

Dear Future Friend,

YES- you have seen me on TV;

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and instead of waiting tables and being broke like every other Actor I know in New York,

I make money online and do whatever entrepreneurial activities I can think of.

It seems to me to be a FAR better use of time: far more fun, with far more freedom, and can create far more money.

I didn't write this for the scammers, the deadbeats, or the "something-for-nothing" crowd.

I wrote it for the honest, the optimistic, the friendly and the ambitious.

If you're all of the above, and are willing to learn the steps and do the work, then feel free to take advantage of the stuff on this site.

Here's my personal guarantee to you...

The information inside is not rocket science, and it's so simple, even an ACTOR can do it!

"When I started this, I was single and broke. Now I own some Real Estate, a few different businesses, a book deal with Simon and Schuster, I'm getting recognized for my acting work, and best of all- my girlfriend is now my wife!"

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

I'm an Actor, but I don't wait tables!

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I HATE Spam too- I will never rent, sell, or barter your info. Put me on your "Safe Senders" list so you can get all the details, and check your bulk/spam email for a message from me.


"The only difference between YOUR bank account and BILL GATE'S bank account is applied knowledge"

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