"The Next Day..."

You downloaded the Income Statement yesterday, and probably filled out
the income and expenses...

And then saw your "CASH FLOW"-S that means the money you have left over.

Or the money you are behind... (naw- not THAT!)

Thing is, if you want to CHANGE your situation, you need to work on the
CASHFLOW part of it.

And that AIN'T SPENDIN' MONEY!!get the most for your doller. The deductible will kill you.

Either way, to start making it better- which means MORE CASHFLOW, you
can either make your expenses smaller, or your income BIGGER.


You can also do BOTH.

There are spaces for businesses, for Real Estate, for Investments.

The FASTEST way to increase your income is to have your own business-
a business that gives you an income. Selling lemonade counts- so does
walking the dog.

However, any income that requires you to put TIME into it leaves
you at a disadvantage.

The internet lets you create an income that works virtually on autopilot.

Now, thanks to www.ElevenF.com I make money while I'm sleeping.
It's become a cliche, but it's true- and I'm not the only one.

I would NOT have been able to do that without the internet.

SO, if you filled out your Income Statement, and you want to INCREASE
your CASHFLOW, then I suggest trying an internet business.

There are a ton of them and I put together a system that I obviously think is the best. But even without mine,

I am a BIG fan of looking at what YOU spend money on, and finding a way to make it into a business.

A friend of mine- a girl- is really into baaseball. I want her to base a business around "baseball for Bimbos"; but she hasn't done it. I think it would be great.

How can YOU make a business out of what YOU love?

Using my system will show you how, but your mind can show you how too!


So- You MUST see where you are before you know where you wanna go.

Use the income statement to figure out where you need to curb expenses, and where you should increase income.

you CAN do it!!!

To Your Success!

"$11,000 Freakin' Bucks"?
That's What My Girlfriend Said
When I Showed Her My Monthly Money

P.S.- Tomorrow we'll talk about the weird "Balance sheet" part...

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About The Author
John is a mysterious, wacky guy who tries to help others to financial freedom through a little bit of humor and hard talk. He's no-nonsense, and believes in personal responsibility. With the Mobile E-Cash system, he's helped people get started in an online business, and get on the path to financial freedom. It's not what you make- it's what you keep! You CAN do it! To Your Success