"How To Make Money and Have Sex



From: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

We're gonna quickly talk about three things:

  1. How to Make Money
  2. How To Have Sex
  3. How to do it in the Same Room- EVERYDAY!

(There are other ways than this)


What I am NOT going to do is all of the "marketing tricks" of "increasing your pain", and "creating a need"- you have them already, let's just get to the Education:

They say "Education is King", but if you look around, sometimes even the smartest people have money issues- As Robert Kiyosaki (Author of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Series) says:


If you've been looking for how to create an income for yourself aside from begging some BOSS for a job or a raise, then you are a special breed. There are very few who actually try to DO something with the desire to be more and do more, so let me say that you have earned my respect and admiration.

By the way- just because you're going to learn how to make money and have sex in the same room everyday DOES NOT mean that we're gonna talk about doing ... um... "adult" movies.

Even though um... "adult" movies...IS the ruling business online, there are other, -less competitive- businesses to have!

There are people out there who will SWEAR to the end of the earth that there are no opportunities out there, but after a while, when you decide to train your mind to see them-


I promise you- since I started LEARNING about business, my entire mind has changed, and I can better understand why things work the way they do.

I used to think it was "us against them" and big corporations were evil and all of that, but instead it's just a matter of people of courage- people like YOU- deciding to try to DO something. Eventually, what you do will work as long as you KEEP learning and going forward. Sometimes it's hard, but keep LEARNING and you'll come out WAY far ahead.

I was a typical "Starving Artist", who was waiting for a "big break" while I did every odd-job imaginable. All of my friends waited tables and bartended; I used to DJ, and I have done temp jobs, sales jobs, and just about anything to make ends meet.

But I was ALWAYS broke.

While I was at a job at New York University, a friend told me about "working for yourself" and "being my own boss", and I really liked the sound of it, so I joined Amway for 5 YEARS, through the time it turned into Quixtar, and lost more money there than I care to remember! Before I joined, I was broke. But 5 years later, after working pretty hard, I was WORSE OFF- I was DEEP in debt- I even paid my RENT by credit card cash advances for SIX MONTHS!

QUIXTAR is a HUGE scam, and it's a CULT. If you don't get out you'll lose your entire individuality, personality, and self-worth. It FEEDS on your hope, and manipulates you into becoming a manipulator.

In my opinion.


However, I learned a lot there, and once I left, decided I would keep learning about "freedom". That was a wonderful gift I got from my experience there.

There were many other opportunities that I tried that were NOT scams, they just didn't work for me. Of course at first I was angry with them, and I called them scams, because I wanted to get rich right away, but the TRUTH was that I just didn't want to do the work. I had to grow up and realize that I had to take PERSONAL responsibility for my financial future.

And guess why I told you that? Because this system CAN work for you- there are TRUE and REAL ways to make money online and they won't go away- you CAN do any of them.

I have NO power over whether you WILL do it or not, but you CAN, and I hope you use this system and the ideas and extra resources to FINALLY get yourself growing financially.

As I say all the time- "I can only bring a horse to water"- This webpage is the water, YOU have to decide to drink. However, if you qualify, I WILL help you personally. I have put a LOT of knowledge into these pages, and I continue to, because the world keeps changing. If you want to be rich- YOU have to change along with the world.


If not, stop reading now, and tell your friends you saw another internet "scam", and go get drunk and talk about how there are no opportunities left in the world.

This system is not rocket science, and the ideas in it aren't new and flashy, but they'll make you an excellent income if you PURSUE THEM.

I'm telling you that because I want you to take this system and MAKE IT YOUR OWN so you can create an income stream, and not just leave it as another "thing" you bought. I PROMISE you can do this, and it IS simple. There may be things to learn along the way, and if there weren't, it would be useless. You took the leap to GET the information, now let's put it to use, ok?

I LOVE to help motivated people, but I HATE to deal with losers. So, I answer email questions and ideas- usually within 24 hours, but I NEVER deal with whiners. I hope you don't either- they'll bring you down.

If you decide you want to work with me personally, then you will get my phone number, but the rules still apply- whiners get nothing, winners get everything.

"Listen, I've totally bought the EXACT same system you just presented me with, but your site is so rad and motivating that I didn't even flinch at the $$$ bucks.
You have so many new ideas in there I didn't think of too, that just brought it over the top. On another note, check it. I just launched an internet marketing campaign yesterday, got 2 clicks, and 1 customer. That's batting 500!"- Philip Castle, MN


My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I’m an actor born and raised in New York.

Yes- you HAVE seen me on TV.

I’ve done a bunch of commercials, and I continue to, but I am always looking for other opportunities. While many of my friends are waiting tables, bartending, or working 9-to-5, I prefer to start businesses and make money online.

When I do a commercial or a have an appearance on a TV show, I get paid when I do it. I also get paid when it airs. I also get paid when it re-runs.

I keep getting paid AFTER I’ve done the actual work.

That kind of pay- is called RESIDUAL INCOME.

I like Residual Income!

Residual income frees me from trading my time for dollars, and frees me to pursue ANY other interest I have, because I’m not tied to a job or a boss.

It’s true time freedom.

What would YOU do with time freedom?

It also makes going to the mailbox a fun game- I don’t know if I’m going to get a bill or a check- it’s a daily adventure!

I found that there are many, MANY ways to create residual income, and because of that, I keep doing other things that bring it to me.

Aside from acting, I wrote
a book for Simon and Schuster,

"Captain Kirk's Guide To Women"
(How to Romance Any Woman
in the Galaxy)

I could do that because I had
the TIME to pursue this dream.

Also, I invest in Real Estate, and buy houses to rent out, collecting rents through a management company. I just buy the house, and let the management company run it, while I collect the check. It's more of a pain than it seems, but it sure beats a 9-to-5.

So, between Acting, Running Online Businesses, Writing, and Real Estate, I have several “Streams of Income”, that pay me residual Income.

This book can help YOU create Residual Income for yourself too.

You're reading this to learn about making money online, and this book will guide you step-by-step through how to do it, but I want to warn you to keep your mind and eyes open to looking for other opportunities that are out there- As I've said, if you aren't listening when opportunity knocks, you may miss it!

(With Sex?)


Well, you could, but there's another way...

MANY people who are chasing the dream on the Internet are following the WRONG MODEL right into an Internet Nightmare!

They are trying too hard to adjust their "brick and mortar" business for the internet, without REALLY understanding how incredibly different the playing field is.

Today, I want to give you a quick overview into the way you MUST approach Internet Business money-making, and WHY the field has changed so much.

Here's a good sentence: It's NOT the product OR the location- it's the SYSTEMS.

Please note that I said SYSTEMS, as in the plural of "system"- with an "s" for Success!

Here's what I mean:

Back in the 80's, if your business was VINYL RECORDS, and you made a ton of money selling vinyl records, you were doing great until the 90's. Then, IF YOU DIDN'T CHANGE, you were ruined.


If you become dependent on ONE market on the internet, the next big guy (or little!) can come by and sweep it right from under you in a week!

HOWEVER- if you have several businesses all using the same SYSTEM- it's ok because you have several streams of income, and you can always just "Plug" the new product or service in the system.

This sounds like common sense, but there are SO many people who are looking for the ONE thing that will make them rich forever, the ONE idea, the ONE product, the ONE service.

On Ebay, many people are trying to sell more DVD's than the next guy, more CD's, more electronics, more widgets at a very small margin to win on price. If you only make $1 per item, you have to sell ALOT OF ITEMS, right?

That means packing, shipping, warehousing- An HUGE headache!

This is NOT the way to do business on the internet and have a life!

But there are SO MANY PEOPLE trying to do it this way because that's what having a brick and mortar business is like! When you are a REAL business person- even a brick and mortar- you let OTHER PEOPLE do the work for you- and you leverage it all with SYSTEMS.

My cousin's girlfriend is a baker. She likes to bake cakes, and figures she should start a business baking cakes. That does NOT make her an Entrepreneur;

It makes her a CAKE-BAKER!

The problem is that most people who want to be entrepreneurs know about their business AS A CONSUMER, but don't know anything about being A BUSINESS OWNER.

So- say "Joe" is in the auto-parts business (I once tried to buy an auto parts web site from a guy, and I ALMOST paid him $30,000 for it. Thankfully, I saw that it was a terrible decision, and bailed out after throwing away $3,000.) Joe decides that he knows about auto parts, so he decides to sell them on the internet, just so he can get more business. He puts some of his stuff on Ebay, and before you know it, he's selling a bunch of parts on the web AND in his store.

But what happens when he goes on vacation?

His business TANKS because he's not there to run it. He is NOT a true Internet businessman. He doesn't own his business, he owns his job. AND- if someone else wants to offer what he's got at a lower price, he's GONE. What the HELL was I doing trying to buy his job??

You will NOT learn how to have THAT kind of a business.

You are going to learn how to have a BUSINESS that is an ASSET- a true ASSET.

The best definition for an asset that I ever heard is from Robert Kiyosaki and his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series. His definition of an asset is:

"Something that puts money IN your pocket."

So, is your HOME an asset by this definition?

NO- your home takes money OUT of your pocket. Therefore it is a LIABILITY.

You are going to learn to have an ASSET that puts money IN your pocket.


THAT'S what being an Internet businessperson is about. You learn a SYSTEM so you can start ANY business, sell ANY product within a few hours and have a CASHFLOW-PRODUCING ASSET.

Products come, products go, but if you learn a SYSTEM, them you can just plug any product or service in. That's why AMAZON.com is so HUGE- they can install entire new divisions in a few days, and if they work, they keep it, and if not- they junk it. Their CORE business is intact, and their NAME is an huge part of that.

Let me take one second to CONTRADICT myself: If you happen to REALLY WORK on one business, and become a GURU of information or products for that business, then you CAN rely on just one. You can become the "go-to" guy for that market, and no one can take your name from you that way either.

So, if there's an EXPERT on vinyl records, that guy is probably VERY wealthy, since no one else is- not even Amazon.com!

What I just told you is that either way- if you are a generalist, or if you are a specialist, your wealth online has to do with tying your business to YOUR SYSTEMS. And since you can have the internet working 24 hours a day, you can leverage that work while YOU are doing something else.

THAT'S the power of the internet!



Just like me, you're going to take PERSONAL responsibility for your financial future.

You're going to learn to sniff out opportunity, and be able to ACT on it immediately- NOT as a consumer that hems and haws, but as a BUSINESSPERSON who calculates the risk, and goes forward and ACTS while others are thinking about it.

"A LEADER makes decisions with 75% of the information- if you wait for 95% of it, you'll be a follower"- Jim Rohn

I hope this was clear to you, because as I said it's part of the FOUNDATION for personal wealth on the internet. You're going to learn to build a business that pays you a little bit everyday.

"Wait- did you say 'a little'? I was expecting to earn ALOT!"

You will learn to build a business that makes you a little everyday, AND THEN YOU'LL BUILD ANOTHER CHANNEL, and ADD TO IT, and then do ANOTHER, and ANOTHER..

Here's an EXAMPLE:

When you make $29 per "action" in your business, and you have 10 actions a day, you make $290/day. That's $8,700 a month. Now you can also have 100 actions X $29/day X 30 days/month- $87,000 a month!!!!

OR- you can take the little you make from one business, and then use it to LEVERAGE yourself into a bigger business- and then leverage to another.


If not, stop reading now, and tell your friend you blew some money on another internet "scam", and go get drunk and talk about how there are no opportunities in the world.

Ok, Ok,- I have to assume you KNOW how to have sex already, but if not, I'm not sure that I'm the guy to tell you- even though my wife says I'm an expert!

The point is that using the internet you can make money from your bedroom- which is where MOST of us have sex.

However, if you have your computer set up on the kitchen table.... you can do it there too.

Make money that is.

Are you TRULY READY to receive a windfall of money?

Will it be weird for you to check your PAYPAL account, and see it GROW each time?

It was hard to get used to, but the money keeps coming in.

It was hard to believe at first, (but I'm getting used to it)

(Again, you could di it like this...)

Or, you could realize that the internet does NOT take a break, and does not need to eat or sleep.

It doesn't need a vacation. Your computer works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you can make money all year round. You already know this, and that's why you are here. There ARE things to learn along the way, and this system will teach many of those things to you.

As for you.... there's only so much you can personally do. There are only 24 hours in a day when you are working alone without leveraging your efforts, time, or money.

The internet is also unlimited in it's scope. Believe it or not, there are STILL some peopleon Earth who don't know what MICROSOFT is. Your business can take you beyond your wildest dreams.

I will NOT lie to you and say that this system is ALL you'll ever need, because I cannot tell the future.

If anyone ever says "Just gimme money and you'll get rich"- you should run away.

What I am telling you is that this system can give you all the information you need to GET STARTED, and then you can grow it as you see fit. It also unlocks the secret to unlimited income, and if you work with me directly, we will investigate some opportunities together.

Break it down for you?

  • Sit down at your computer.
  • Check your emails.
  • Return your emails.
  • Check your income accounts online to see how much you made.
  • Find out who went through your website
  • Do three to five simple actions daily
  • Have a nice breakfast!

Do I have to SELL?

  • It has NOTHING to do with YOU- it's ALL in the SYSTEM!
  • This is GOOD, it BENEFITS other people, and gives them what THEY want
  • YOU can be the person that makes money by HELPING others-

How will that FEEL? Are you SURE you're ready?

  • You'll actually be able to go out on a DATE!
  • You can go buy NEW clothes.
  • You can even open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT (what the hell is THAT?)!!
  • You can buy a house
  • You can invest for retirement
  • You can go to a restaurant with friends- AND PICK UP THE CHECK.

And then you can BUY your life back

I was amazed at how much time there actually was in a day when it was time that I had for my own pursuits. Now, when people ask what I'm doing this weekend, my answer is usually the same as during the week- whatever I feel like doing!

  • It doesn’t matter how many people use the system
  • it doesn’t matter if you know computers or not.
  • You WILL create an income that will sustain itself.
  • Your TIME will suddenly be yours again.


You’ll be cruising the mall, buying the things you've wanted for a long time, and while you’re paying for them, your BANK ACCOUNT WILL BE GROWING!

My girlfriend told me it was annoying how I kept checking my email, but when I explained that every time I looked I was making money,

She stopped being annoyed!

I will show you how to annoy YOUR girlfriend too!

In fact- she's NOW my Wife!

  • You get paid no matter the weather
  • You get paid if you're at the movies.
  • You CAN be Rich and Generous at the same time!

Get Started Today!
(Why not, right?)

ONLY $27

Enter your info, and get


Free offer only guaranteed until

I HATE Spam too- I will never rent, sell, or barter your info. Put me on your "Safe Senders" list so you can get all the details, and check your bulk/spam email for a message from me.

I was talking to one of my most skeptical friends, who was looking at me like I was on another of my “crazy schemes”, but I showed him my emails, his eyed bugged out!

Here's my personal guarantee to you...

The information inside is not rocket science, and it's so simple, even an ACTOR can do it!

But the BEST thing that has come of my new lifestyle is that I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and she said YES!

Wasn't that the BEST??

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